Once I lost my way back home

After finished my English exam in an unfamiliar examination spot in Mississagua, I realized lost my way to go back home.

I noticed there is a bus station near me, so I checked on Google Map. The route popped out immediately on the screen, “4 times transits and needs almost 2 hours to get my house??!” I shouted inside my heart, because it was such a hot day at that day.

While I was holding my phone, hesitating whether should I follow the route in front of the bus station, there was a grandpa walking toward the station.

” Hey, do you know when the next bus will come?” grandpa said.

“I don’t know,” I said to him with a depressed tone,” I even don’t know which bus should I take.”

” Oh! Where are you going?”

” Oakville.”

” Ah, you know what? There is no bus go back to oakville directly, how do you plan to go?”

Then I showed him the route on the Google Map, ” Oh, my eye sight is not so good. I can’t see the words clearly on your phone, it’s too small, read the information to me!” At that time, to be honest, I was a little confused about this hospitable grandpa who comes out of nowhere. ” Is he really want to help me?”( Forgive my suspicion, I have stayed in Canada for only 6 months, and I am still learning about the people and custom here, therefore I’m still used to everything).

However, it seemed that he was really a good person who was trying to help me out, which made me feel so touched and released. He changed the whole route for me, and told me the most efficient way to go back to Oakville, which saved one unnecessary transmit that is at least 40 mintes for me. When we got to the big transit station, he even helped me to ask people who works there about the details of the route to make sure that everything would be fine. Then, he took a piece of paper and wrote down everything carefully and gave it to me, which made me so gradeful.

Finally, he insisted to take me to get on the bus, and even asked a girl to take care of me. Then he left and went to his destination—his nephew’s birthday in Toronto.


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