Studying at home.

I dropped one module of my language class and decided to focus on preparing the most devastating exam–Ielts.

The process of studying at home, which for almost one month, was stressful. At that time, My mind would often debate with myself, like two annoying soldiers having a battle and arguing why I couldn’t calm down and concentrate on the topic.

However, this kind of symptom sometimes would stop for a while, and my thought also started functioning well. Then I could totally immerse into the ocean of English, learn everything that I didn’t know. With the 100 percent of delightful mood and energy, I felt that I could absord all the resource and information from every piece of language.

It was not easy for me to deal with this special period of time, even though it was decided by myself. Anyhow I need stick to the final goal, and keep fighting for it.


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