Hope justice would come——’The keepers’ review

From a foreigner and relatively young audience perspective, I want to say something about my impression about this documentary.

One thing that I want to say is, as other audiences, I feel disappointed about the people, who has the sainted status in people’s heart, they consistently dissatisfied the local community. Not only using their privilege to hurt the residents and nuns’ dignity, but they cannot face their sin to give the victims a sincere answer. In contrast, they cover up all the crucial files, which is so pathetic.

On the other side, I am totally impressed by the grandma detective team, they are no doubt brave, persistence, and amazing. Except having the furious feeling about this devil Maskell hasn’t got the punishment, I want to give my deepest respect for the brave grandmas.

I hope that the truth could come sooner or later. No matter how many years have passed by, the most injured people are the victims, and the glorious person, sister Cathy, who was murdered before she was planning to tell the truth. I believe that the criminal would be judged by the law, surely with the Archdiocese of Baltimore (AOB)’s cooperation.

Daisy Shen

Hamilton, Canada

July 5. 2017


The meaning of life

For now, at the middle of my 26th year of life.

I think the meaning of life depends on what kind of content do you desire to share to no matter who the listeners are.

There are many ways to spread: language, blog, art, novel, movie, podcast, note, new feeds, a YouTube channel, etc.

Create something, and benefit someone


In Canada oakville.

Once I lost my way back home

After finished my English exam in an unfamiliar examination spot in Mississagua, I realized lost my way to go back home.

I noticed there is a bus station near me, so I checked on Google Map. The route popped out immediately on the screen, “4 times transits and needs almost 2 hours to get my house??!” I shouted inside my heart, because it was such a hot day at that day.

While I was holding my phone, hesitating whether should I follow the route in front of the bus station, there was a grandpa walking toward the station.

” Hey, do you know when the next bus will come?” grandpa said.

“I don’t know,” I said to him with a depressed tone,” I even don’t know which bus should I take.”

” Oh! Where are you going?”

” Oakville.”

” Ah, you know what? There is no bus go back to oakville directly, how do you plan to go?”

Then I showed him the route on the Google Map, ” Oh, my eye sight is not so good. I can’t see the words clearly on your phone, it’s too small, read the information to me!” At that time, to be honest, I was a little confused about this hospitable grandpa who comes out of nowhere. ” Is he really want to help me?”( Forgive my suspicion, I have stayed in Canada for only 6 months, and I am still learning about the people and custom here, therefore I’m still used to everything).

However, it seemed that he was really a good person who was trying to help me out, which made me feel so touched and released. He changed the whole route for me, and told me the most efficient way to go back to Oakville, which saved one unnecessary transmit that is at least 40 mintes for me. When we got to the big transit station, he even helped me to ask people who works there about the details of the route to make sure that everything would be fine. Then, he took a piece of paper and wrote down everything carefully and gave it to me, which made me so gradeful.

Finally, he insisted to take me to get on the bus, and even asked a girl to take care of me. Then he left and went to his destination—his nephew’s birthday in Toronto.

Studying at home.

I dropped one module of my language class and decided to focus on preparing the most devastating exam–Ielts.

The process of studying at home, which for almost one month, was stressful. At that time, My mind would often debate with myself, like two annoying soldiers having a battle and arguing why I couldn’t calm down and concentrate on the topic.

However, this kind of symptom sometimes would stop for a while, and my thought also started functioning well. Then I could totally immerse into the ocean of English, learn everything that I didn’t know. With the 100 percent of delightful mood and energy, I felt that I could absord all the resource and information from every piece of language.

It was not easy for me to deal with this special period of time, even though it was decided by myself. Anyhow I need stick to the final goal, and keep fighting for it.

Hello world!

Hello, world! I’m Daisy, I was born in China and I used to be an illustration and web designer in my country, now I am studying in Canada. My hobby is watching movie and  fiction type animation. Also, I am a food and technology enthusiast .

This is my first blog, I hope to enhance my poor English writing skill by using this website.

From now on, I may frequently updating a variety of writings, like movie comment, novelty technology product which impress me a lot, or some thoughts from daily life ect. I just want to simply write down something with English. So if you accidentally find this lonely blog, please ignore about the inaccurate vocabulary..oh.wait..if you can pick them out and tell me how to use it exactly, that would be a big help for me. Anyway, I will try my best to write something interesting.